Gresnick, Antoine-Frédéric

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Gresnick, Antoine-Frédéric

Gresnick, Antoine-Frédéric, Belgian composer; b. Liege (baptized), March 2, 1755; d. Paris, Oct. 16, 1799. After serving as a chorister at St. Lambert in Liege, he studied with Sala at S. Onofrio in Naples (1772-79). In 1786-87 he was in London, where his opera Alceste was first performed at the King’s Theatre on Dec. 23, 1786. He was director of the Lyons theater orch. (1787-89) before settling in Paris in 1794, where he brought out 15 operas with varying success. He also wrote a Sinfonia (1771), a Harpsichord Concerto (1782), a Simphonie Concertante for Clarinet, Bassoon, and Orch. (c. 1797), and various vocal pieces.


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—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire

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Gresnick, Antoine-Frédéric

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