Gastinel Léon-Gustave-Cyprien

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Gastinel Léon-Gustave-Cyprien

Gastinel, Leén-Gustave-Cyprien, French composer; b. Villers, near Auxonne, Aug. 13, 1823; d. Fresnes-les-Rurgis, Oct. 20, 1906. He was a pupil of Halevy at the Paris Cons., taking 1st Grand Prix de Rome for his cantata Vélasquez in 1846. A successful composer of operas, he produced Le Miroir (1853), L’Opéra aux fenêtres (1857), Titus et Bérénice (1860), Le Buisson vert (1861), and Le Barde (Nice, 1896), and the ballet Le Rêve (Paris Opéra, 1890), and well as the stage works La Kermesse, Eutatès, Ourania, and La Tulipe bleue. Other works include 4 oratorios and 3 solemn masses, orch. compositions, chamber music, choruses, etc.


R Boisson, L. G. (1893).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire