Fleming, Amaryllis

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Fleming, Amaryllis (b London, 1920; d London, 1999). Eng. cellist, daughter of artist Augustus John (1878–1961). Won int. comp. Munich. Début as soloist, Newbury 1944 ( Elgar conc.). Formed Loveday pf. trio 1949 (with Alan Loveday, vn., and Peggy Gray, pf.) and played in Fidelio Ens. from 1951. Won Queen's Prize 1952. London recital début 1953, Proms début 1953. Gave f.ps. of Arnold Cooke's sonata (Paris 1956), Fricker's sonata (BBC 1956), and Seiber's Tre pezzi (Cheltenham 1958, cond. Barbirolli). From 1963 played on Amati 5-string cello and specialized in baroque mus. Formed Fleming String Trio 1968–75 and Parikian-Fleming-Roberts pf. trio 1983–8. Prof. of vc., RCM. Retired 1988.