Ferrari, Domenico

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Ferrari, Domenico

Ferrari, Domenico, famous Italian composer and violinist; b. Piacenza, c. 1722; d. Paris, 1780. He studied with Tartini, and traveled as a concert violinist, obtaining great success. In 1753 he joined the orch. of the Duke of Württemberg in Stuttgart. In 1754 he went to Paris, where he became extremely successful. Ferrari excelled as a virtuoso; his employment of passages in octaves, and particularly of harmonics, was an innovation at the time. He publ. 36 sonatas for Violin and Bass, opp. 1 to 6 (Paris, 1758–62), 6 trio sonatas for 2 Violins, or Flute and Basso Continue (London, c. 1758–65), and 6 sonatas or duets for 2 Violins (London, c. 1765; 1st 2 sonatas by Nardini).


V. Kock, The Works ofD. R, 1722–1780 (diss., Tulane Univ., 1969).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire

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Ferrari, Domenico

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