Fabini, (Felix) Eduardo

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Fabini, (Felix) Eduardo

Fabini, (Felix) Eduardo, Uruguayan violinist and composer; b. Solis del Mataojo, May 18, 1882; d. Montevideo, May 17, 1950. He studied violin at the Cons, la Lira in Montevideo, and later as a student of Cesar Thomson (violin) and Auguste de Boeck (composition) at the Brussels Cons. (1900–03), winning 1st prize for violin. He then gave concerts as a violinist in South America and in the U.S. (1926). He eventually returned to Montevideo, where he was active as a composer and educator. His music is inspired entirely by South American folklore. The idiom is mildly modernistic, with lavish use of whole-tone scales and other external devices of Impressionism.


(all 1st perf. in Montevideo): DRAMATIC: B a l l e t : Mburucuyd (April 15, 1933); Manana de Reyes (July 31, 1937). ORCH.: Campo, symphonic poem (April 29, 1922); La isla de los Ceibos, overture (Sept. 14, 1926); Melga sinfonica (Oct. 11, 1931); Fantasia for Violin and Orch. (Aug. 22, 1929). OTHER: Piano pieces; choral works; songs.


R. Lagarmilla, E. F. (Montevideo, 1954); G. Paraskevaidis, E. K: La obra sinfonica (Montevideo, 1992).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire