Detoni, Dubravko

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Detoni, Dubravko

Detoni, Dubravko, Croatian pianist and composer; b. Krizevci, Feb. 22,1937. He graduated in piano from the Zagreb Academy of Music in 1960, and studied with Cortot in Siena (1960–61). He then took lessons in composition with Sulek at the Zagreb Academy of Music, graduating in 1965, and had advanced studies with Bacewicz and Lutoslawski at the experimental studio of the Polish Radio in Warsaw (1966–67) and with Stockhausen and Ligeti in Darmstadt. He was the founder and artistic leader of ACEZANTEZ, the Ensemble of the Center for New Tendencies in Zagreb. His music rejects all established formulas and seeks new conceptions in sound through serial, aleatory, and musical-theater resources.


ORCH Musica a cinque (1962); Passacaglia for 2 Pianos and Strings (1962); Preobrazbe (Transfigurations; 1963; Zagreb, June 7, 1965); Dramatski prolog (1965); Likovi i plohe (Forms and Surfaces) for Chamber Orch. (1967; Graz, Sept. 26, 1968); Assonanze No. 2 for Cello and Orch. (1971); Elucubrations for Piano and Orch. (1969; Zagreb, Jan. 7, 1970); Einflusse for 2 Cellos and Orch. (1971); Piano Concerto (1989; Ljubljana, April 5, 1990). CHAMBER : Stravaganze for Wind Quintet (1966); Phonomorphia 1 for Electronic and Concrete Sounds (1967) and 2 for Piano and Tape (1968); Grafika I for Organ (1968), II for Chamber Ensemble (1968), IV for ad libitum Chamber Ensemble (1971), and V, instrumental “theater’7 for Chamber Ensemble (1972; Graz, Oct. 14, 1973); Assonanze No. 1 for Cello and Piano (1968); Forte-Piano, Arpa, Crescendo for 2 Pianos and Percussion (1969); Monos 1–3, cycle for variable orchestration (1970–72); 10 Beginnings for String Quartet (1973); Dokument 75 for Chamber Ensemble (1975); Fragment 75 for Chamber Ensemble (Graz, Oct. 11, 1975); Ispadi (Outbursts) for 2 Double Basses and Electronic Sound (1997). VOCAL: Phonomorphia 3 for Voices, Instrumental Ensemble, and Tape (1969); Grafika III for Vocal Ensemble, 6 Flutes, Ondes Martenot, Organ, and Piano (1969), Notturni for 4 Vocal Groups, 4 Instrumental Ensembles, Organ, and Tape (1970); Music, or Tract about the Superfluous for Narrating Actor, Organ, Piano, Percussion, Clarinet, and Orch. (1973).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire