Bruzdowicz, Joanna

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Bruzdowicz, Joanna

Bruzdowicz, Joanna Polish-born French composer; b. Warsaw, May 17, 1943. She studied piano with Irena Protasewicz and Wanda Losakiewicz, and composition with Sikorski at the Warsaw Cons. (M.A., 1966). She then pursued training in composition in Paris with Boulanger, Messiaen, and Schaeffer (1968–70), where she was active with the Groupe de Recherches Musicales of the ORTF. In 1975 she became a naturalized French citizen but also retained her Polish citizenship. She was active as a composer, music critic, and teacher. Her output ranges the spectrum from traditional scores to electronic pieces.


DRAMATIC: Opera : In der Strafkolonie or La Colonie Pénitentiaire (Tours, 1972; rev. version, Liè ge, Oct. 9, 1986); Les Troyennes (Paris, 1973; Polish version, Warsaw, July 20, 1979); Bramy Raju (The Gates of Paradise; Warsaw, Nov. 1987); Tides and Waves (1991-92; Gdansk, June 1, 1997). b a 1 -1 e t :Le Petit Prince (Brussels, Dec. 10, 1976). children’s musical: En attendant Ana’is (Brussels, Dec. 6, 1987). Many film and theater scores. orch.:Impressions (1966); Suite in memoriam Sergei Prokofiev (1966–67); Eclairs (1969); Piano Concerto (1974; Paris, Feb. 23, 1975); Sym. (Paris, April 30, 1975); Violin Concerto (1975; Radio France, Feb. 11, 1978); Aquae sextiae, suite for Winds (Aix-en-Provence, July 12, 1978); Double Bass Concerto (1982; Lóź, March 1984); 4 Season’s Greetings for Soloists and String Chamber Orch. (1988-89; Poznañ, April 2, 1989); The Cry of the Phoenix, cello concerto (Lublin, Sept. 16, 1994); Sym. for 2 Guitars, Percussion, and String Quintet or Chamber Orch. (1999). chamber: Wind Quintet (1966); Per Due for Violin and Piano (1966); Epigrams for Violin (1966); Esquisses for Flute, Viola, Cello, and Piano (1969); Stigma for Cello (1969; Paris, Dec. 1970); Episode for Piano and 13 Strings (1973); Ette for Clarinet (1974); Einklang for Harpsichord and Organ (1975); Trio for Variable Instrumentation (1975); Fantasia Hermantica on the Theme S’A’B’B’E for Viola and Piano (1979); Tre contre tre for Flute, Oboe, Viola, and 3 Percussion (1979); Marios Grosso Brasileiras for Flute, Violin, Harpsichord, and Tape (1980); Trio dei Due Mondi for Violin, Cello, and Piano (1980; Radio Fance, Jan. 1981); Dum Spiro Spero for Flute and Tape (Brussels, May 1981); Para y contra for Double Bass and Tape (Brussels, Sept. 1981); Trio per Trio for Flute, Violin, and Harpsichord (Brussels, Sept. 15, 1981); Dreams and Drums for Percussionist (Santa Barbara, Calif., March 1982); 2 string quartets: No. 1, La Vita (Brussels, April 1983) and No. 2, Cantus Aeternus (Warsaw, May 10, 1988); Oracle for Bassoon and Tape (1982; Paris, March 1983); Aurora Borealis for Harp and Organ (Bergen, May 22, 1988); Sonata for Solo Violin, II Ritorno (Zagreb, April 25, 1990); Je me souviens for Marimba (Montreal, Dec. 17, 1990); Violin Sonata, Spring in America (N.Y., April 20, 1994); Song of Hope and Love for Cello and Piano (Washington, D.C., June 22, 1997). piano:Erotiques (1966); Esitanza for 2 Pianos or Piano 4-Hands (1973); An der Schónen Blauen Donau for 2 Pianos and Tape (1973–74); October Sonata (1978). vocal:Niobe for Speaker, Soprano, and 5 Instruments (1966); Sketches from the Harbor for Mezzo-soprano, Flute, Piano, and 3 Percussion (1967); Jour d’ici et d’ailleurs for Vocal Quartet, Chorus, Speaker, and Chamber Ensemble (1971); A Claire Voix for Chorus, 4 Instruments, and Tape (1973); Urbi et Orbi, cantata for Tenor, Children’s Chorus, 2 Trumpets, 2 Trombones, and Organ (Stuttgart, June 23, 1985); La Espero, cantata for Soprano, Baritone, and 7 Instruments (Kraków, March 25, 1990); On Prayer for Soprano and Piano (WFMT, Chicago, Nov. 21, 1990); Stabat Mater for Chorus (Los Angeles, April 3, 1993); World, 5 songs for Soprano and Piano, after Czesiaw Mitosz (1995-96; Chicago, May 18, 1996). other:Ek- Stasis, electroacoustic piece with mimes (1969); Phobos, electronic piece (1969); Homo Faber, electronic trilogy (1971–75); Inner Space-Outer Space, electronic piece (1978); Bartókalia, electronic piece (1979); Neue Kinderszenen, electronic suite for children (1980).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire