Boyd, Anne (Elizabeth)

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Boyd, Anne (Elizabeth) (b Sydney, NSW, 1946). Australian composer. Lect. in mus. Sussex Univ. 1975–7. Head of Mus. Dept., Hong Kong Univ. 1980–8, then returned to Sydney. Works incl.: The Voice of the Phoenix (1971) (orch., incl. amplified instr. and optional synthesizer); As Far As Crawls the Toad (1970, rev. 1972), th. piece for 5 young percussionists; 2 str. qts. (1968, rev. 1971, and 1973); The Rose Garden (1971), th. piece for singing actress, ch., chamber ens.; The Metamorphoses of the Solitary Female Phoenix (1971), wind quintet, pf., perc.; As it leaves the Bell (1973), pf., hp., perc.; Summer Nights (1976), alto, str., perc., hp.; As All Waters Flow (1976), 5 female vv., chamber ens.; As I Crossed a Bridge of Dreams (1975), 12 unacc. vv.; Anklung (1974), pf.; Bencharong (1976), str.; The Death of Captain Cook, oratorio, sop., ten., bar., ch., orch. (1978); The Little Mermaid, children's opera (1978); The Beginning of the Day, children's opera (1980); Anklung 2, vn. (1980).