Belcher, Supply

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Belcher, Supply

Belcher, Supply, American composer and tune-book compiler; b. Stoughton, Mass., April 9, 1751; d. Farmington, Maine, June 9, 1836. After working as a merchant in Boston, he returned to Stoughton as a farmer and tavern keeper. He also was active as a member of the local musical society. Following a sojourn in Hallo well, Maine (1785–91), he settled in Farmington, where he served as town clerk, magistrate, state representative, selectman, and schoolmaster. Belcher was an accomplished composer and acquired a reputation as the “Handel of Maine.” His extant works are found in his tunebook The Harmony of Maine (Boston, 1794).


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—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire