Bargielski, Zbigniew

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Bargielski, Zbigniew

Bargielski, Zbigniew, Polish composer; b. Lom-za, Jan. 21, 1937. He received training in law before studying composition with Szeligowski at the State Higher School of Music in Warsaw (1958–62), musicol-ogy with Szabelski at the State Higher School of Music in Katowice (1962–64), and completing his training with Boulanger in Paris (1966–67). In 1977 he settled in Austria. His music makes colorful use of dissonance.


DRAMATIC: Danton, or Some Pictures from the History of the Great French Revolution, surrealistic historic opera (1968–69); In a Small Country House, after Witkiewicz (1979). ORCH.: Sinfonia (1956); Parades 1970 (1969–70); Espace attrapé (1973); Percussion Concerto (1975); Violin Concerto (1976); The Valley of Bleaching Bones for Percussion and Chamber Ensemble (1977); The Valley of Forgotten Memories for Improvising Piano and Chamber Ensemble (1981); Rondo alla Polacca (1983); CHA-ORD (1990); Requiem (1991–92); Trumpet Concerto (1992); Trigo-nalis for Guitar, Accordion, Percussion, and Chamber Orch. (1994); Piano Concertino (1995). CHAMBER: Servet for Piano, Percussion, and Violin (1966); Ein Zimmer for Clarinet, Cello, Trombone, Percussion, and Piano (1972); 4 string quartets {Alpine, 1976; Spring, 1980; Still Life with a Shout, 1985-86; Le temps ardent, 1994); 2 wind quintets (Butterfly Cage, 1978; Four Woodwinds with Horn, 1982); Dream Bird for Accordion and Percussion (1980); Icarus for Bass Clarinet and Vibraphone (1981); Epitaphium for 2 Violins (1981); Portrait from Memory for String Sextet (1982); Submerged Flame for Violin, Cello, and Accordion (1985); Labyrinth for Cello and Accordion (1987); Birds of Night for Clarinet Quintet (1987); Landscape of Remembrance for Piano Trio (1996); Tango for Chamber Ensemble (1997).Piano: 7 Studies (1957); Vienna Stories for 2 Pianos (1981); Panoptikum for 2 Pianos (1987); Beethovens Wanderweg zum Fürst Lichnowsky (1992). VOCAL: Rose Garden for Baritone and Bass Clarinet, after Eliot (1971); Another Night, Another Sound for Mezzo-soprano and Orch. (1981); Songs of the Sun for Soloists, Chorus, and Chamber Ensemble (1983); Nobody’s Land, oratorio (1989); Orpheus for Baritone, Crotales, and Violin (1996).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire