Bacarisse, Salvador

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Bacarisse, Salvador

Bacarisse, Salvador, Spanish composer; b. Madrid, Sept. 12, 1898; d. Paris, Aug. 5, 1963. He studied at the Madrid Cons, with Conrado del Campo; received the Premio Nacional de Música in 1923, 1930, and 1934. During the Spanish Civil War, he was active in the music section of the loyalist army; after its defeat in 1939, he settled in Paris. He wrote the operas Chariot (1933), El Tesoro de Boabdil (1958), and Fuenteovejuna (1962).


C. Heine, S. B. (1898–1963): Die Kriterien seines Stils während der Schaffenszeit in Spanien (bis 1939) (Frankfurt am Main, 1993).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire