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Abschiedsymphonie (Farewell Symphony). Nickname of Haydn's Sym. No.45 in F♯ minor, 1772 (Hob. I:45) because of the following incident: Prince Nikolaus, Haydn's employer, became so attracted to his lonely Eszterháza Castle that he spent longer there each year. Except for Haydn, the court musicians could not have their families with them and grew depressed. Haydn comp. this sym. with a final adagio during which one player after another blew out the candle on his mus.-stand and crept away, leaving only 2 vns., Tomasini and Haydn. As they too were about to leave, the Prince is supposed to have taken the hint by saying: ‘Well, if they all leave, we might as well go too’—and next day the court returned to Vienna.