Abos, Girolamo

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Abos, Girolamo

Abos, Girolamo, Maltese composer and teacher of Spanish descent; b. La Valetta, Nov. 16, 1715; d. Naples, Oct. 1760. He settled in Naples, where he most likely received his training at the Cons. Poveri di Gesù Cristo. In 1742-43 he was on its faculty, and he also taught at the Cons. S. Onofrio a Capuana from 1742, where he was maestro from 1748 to 1760. He likewise taught at the Cons, della Pietà dei Turchini, where he was secondo maestro from 1754 to 1759. Abos became best known as a composer of both opera buffa and opera serie.


DRAMATIC: Le due zingare simili, opera buffa (Naples, 1742); II gelosa, commedia (Naples, 1743); Le furberie di Spilletto, commedia (Florence, 1744); La serva padrona, opera buffa (Naples, 1744); La moglie gelosa, commedia (Naples, 1745); Artaserse, opere serie (Venice, Carnival 1746); Pelopida, opera serie (Rome, 1747); Alessandro nelle Indie, opera serie (Ancona, 1747); Arianna e Teseo, opera serie (Rome, Dee. 26, 1748); Adriano in Siria, opera serie (Rome, 1750?); Tuo Manlio, opera serie (Naples, May 30, 1751); Enfile, opere serie (Rome, 1752); Lucio Vero o sia II vologeso, opera serie (Naples, Dec. 18, 1752); II Medo, opera serie (Turin, Carnival 1753). OTHER: Masses and other sacred vocal music.

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire

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Abos, Girolamo

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