Abouzeid, Leila

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ABOUZEID, Leila. Also writes as Laylá Abu Zayd. Moroccan, b. 1950. Genres: Area studies, Women's studies and issues. Career: Television anchorman, 1972-73; press secretary for the Moroccan prime minister, minister of information, and minister of equipment, 1974; writer, 1983-; press secretary for the Moroccan president of the parliament, 1990-92. Author. Has also worked in radio production. Publications: Return to Childhood: The Memoir of a Modern Moroccan Woman, 1993, and trans. with A. and H.L. Taylor, 1998; The Last Chapter: A Novel, trans. by J. Liechety, 2000. AS LAYLÁ ABU ZAYD: Bid' Sunbulat Khudr, 1978; 'Am al-fil, 1983, trans. by B. Parmenter as Year of the Elephant: A Moroccan Woman's Journey toward Independence, and Other Stories, 1989; Amrika: al-wajh alakhar, 1991; al-Fasl al-akhir, 2000; Al-Ghareeb, qassas mina emaghrib, 2003. Address: 1 rue Oumerrabia Apt. 12, Agdal, Rabat, Morocco. Online address: [email protected]