Zinkin, Taya

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ZINKIN, Taya. British, b. 1918. Genres: Autobiography/Memoirs, Anthropology/Ethnology, Children's non-fiction, History. Career: Chief Correspondent in India, The Economist, Manchester Guardian and New Commonwealth, 1950-60, and for Le Monde, 1954-60. Publications: India Changes, 1958; Rishi, 1960; Rishi Returns, 1961; Caste Today, 1962; Reporting India, 1962; India, 1964; (with M. Zinkin) Britain and India, 1964; Life of Gandhi, 1965; Challenges in India, 1966; India and Her Neighbours, 1967; The Faithful Parrot, 1967; Tales Told Round the World, 1968; The Heartland of Asia, 1971; Odious Child, 1971; Weeds Grow Fast, 1973; Write Right, 1980; French Mensahib, 1989. Address: 7 Courtenay Gate, Courtenay Terrace, Kingsway Move, E. Sussex BN3 2WJ, England.