Wood, Bridget

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WOOD, Bridget

WOOD, Bridget. Also writes as Frances Gordon, Sarah Rayne. British, b. 1947. Genres: Novels, Mystery/Crime/Suspense, Horror, Science fiction/ Fantasy. Career: Estate agent, 1975-91. Publications: FANTASY NOVELS: Wolfking, 1991; The Lost Prince, 1992; Rebel Angel, 1993; Sorceress, 1994. OTHER NOVELS: Mask of the Fox, 1982; The Chessmen, 1983; The Devil in Amber, 1984; The Rose Window, 1985; The Minstrel's Lute, 1987; Satanic Lute, 1987. HORROR NOVELS AS FRANCES GORDON: Blood Ritual, 1994; The Devil's Piper, 1995; The Burning Altar, 1996; Thorn, 1997; Changeling, 1998; Wildwood, 1999. PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLERS AS SARAH RAYNE: Tower of Silence, 2003; A Dark Dividing, 2004. Address: c/o Jane Conway-Gordon, 1 Old Compton St, London W1V 5PH, England.