Wonder Man

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Wonder Man ★★½ 1945

When a brash nightclub entertainer (Kaye) is killed by gangsters, his mild-mannered twin brother (Kaye) takes his place to smoke out the killers. One of Kaye's better early films. The film debuts of Vera-Ellen and Cochran. Look for Mrs. Howell of “Gilligan's Island.” ♫So In Love; Bali Boogie; Ortchi Chornya; Opera Number. 98m/C VHS, DVD . Danny Kaye, Virginia Mayo, Vera-Ellen, Steve Cochran, S.Z. Sakall, Otto Kruger, Natalie Schafer; D: H. Bruce Humberstone; W: Jack Jevne, Eddie Moran, Don Hartman, Melville Shavelson, Philip Rapp; C: Victor Milner; M: Ray Heindorf.