Woman of Straw

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Woman of Straw ★★½ 1964

Connery plays off his Bond role with a villainous twist. He's Anthony Richmond, the nephew of dying tycoon Charles Richmond (Richardson), who won't write him into the will. Uncle is very fond of his nurse (Lollobrigida), who in turn falls in love with Anthony. He convinces her to marry the old coot and get him into the will, but Charles dies, leaving her a murder suspect. Compelling thriller does well, despite plot holes, on the strength of performances by Richardson and Connery, portraying members of a family no one would want to see at a reunion. 115m/C VHS . Sean Connery, Gina Lollobrigida, Ralph Richardson, Alexander Knox, Johnny Sekka, Peter Madden, George Curzon, Noel Howlett, Andre Morell, Douglas Wilmer; D: Basil Dearden; W: Stanley Mann, Michael Relph; C: Otto Heller.