Woman Is the Future of Man

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Woman Is the Future of Man ★★★ Yeojaneun namjaui miraeda 2004

While meeting for lunch, two old Korean friends Mun-ho (Ji-tae) and Hyeon-gon (Tae-woo) reminisce over too much rice wine about a girl they both dated years before, Seon-hwa (Hyeon-a), and how each regrets mistreating her. Even though the men have moved on with their lives—Mun-ho is a married college art lecturer while Hyeon-gon is a hopeful filmmaker—they decide to visit Seon-hwa but find that life has not gone quite as well for her. In Korean, with English subtitles. 88m/ C DVD . Yoo Jitae, Kim Taewoo, Sung Hyunah; D: Hong Sang-soo; W: Hong Sang-soo; C: Kim Hyungkoo; M: Chong Yongjin.