Wolf, Stewart (George), (Jr.)

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WOLF, Stewart (George), (Jr.)

WOLF, Stewart (George), (Jr.). American, b. 1914. Genres: Medicine/ Health. Career: Cornell-New York Hospital, NYC, intern, 1938-39, resident, 1939-42; National Research Council fellow, 1941-42; Harvard-Boston City Hospital, Boston, MA, neurology fellow, 1942-43; Cornell University Medical College, NYC, assistant professor, 1946-49, associate professor of medicine, 1949-52; University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, professor of medicine, physiology, neurology, and psychiatry in the School of Medicine, 1952-69, regent's professor, 1969-, head of neuroscience section at Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, 1952-69; University of Texas, Medical Branch, Galveston, professor of medicine and physiology, and director of Marine Biomedical Institute, 1970-. Totts Gap Medical Research Laboratories, director, 1958-; consultant to Will Rogers Veterans Administration Hospital, 1952-69. Affiliated with Regents National Library of Medicine, 1965-69, chairperson, 1969. Oklahoma Symphony Society, president, 1954-59. Publications: (with H.G. Wolff) Human Gastric Function: An Experimental Study of a Man and His Stomach, 1943, 2nd edition, 1947; (with Wolff) Pain, 1948, 2nd ed., 1958; (with T.H. Holmes, H. Goodell, and Wolff) The Human Colon: An Experimental Study Based on Direct Observation of Four Fistulous Subjects, 1951; (with Wolff) Headaches: Their Nature and Treatment, 1953; (with P.V. Cardon, Jr., E.M. Shepard, and Wolff) Life Stress and Essential Hypertension: A Study of Circulatory Adjustments in Man, 1955; An Evaluation of Therapeutic Drugs: With Special Reference to the Tranquilizing Drugs, Mental Hospital Service, 1957; The Stomach, 1965; (ed. of rev., with Goodell) H. G. Wolff, Stress and Disease, 2nd edition, 1968; (ed.) The Artery and the Process of Arteriosclerosis: Pathogenesis, 1971; (ed.) The Artery and the Process of Arteriosclerosis: Measurement and Modification, 1971; (ed. with N.T. Werthessen) Smooth Muscle of the Artery, 1975; (with Goodell) Behavioral Science in Clinical Medicine, 1975; (ed. with B.B. Berle) Dilemmas in Diabetes, 1975; (ed. with Berle) The Biology of the Schizophrenic Process, 1976; (ed. with Berle) The Limits of Medicine: The Doctor's Job in the Coming Era, (with J.G. Bruhn) The Roseto Story: An Anatomy of Health, 1978; (with Bruhn and Goodell) Occupational Health as Human Ecology, 1978; (ed.) Abdominal Diagnosis, 1979; (ed. with Werthessen) The Dynamics of Arterial Flow, 1979; (ed. with Berle) The Technological Imperative in Medicine, 1980; Social Environment and Health, 1980; (ed. with A. Murray) The Composition and Function of Cell Membranes, 1980; (ed. with H. Epstein) Genetic Analysis of the X Chromosome: Studies of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and Related Disorders, 1982; (ed. with L.I. Charash, A. Kutscher, and others) Psychosocial Aspects of Muscular Dystrophy and Allied Diseases, 1983; (ed. with R.C. Strohman) Gene Expression in Muscle, 1985; (ed. with A.J. Finestone) Occupational Stress: Health and Performance at Work, 1986; (with Bruhn, B. Egolf, and others) The Power of Clan: The Influence of Human Relationship in Heart Disease, 1993; Brain, Mind, and Medicine, A Biography of Charles Richet, 1993; Educating Doctors: Crisis in Medical Education, 1996. Contributor to medical journals. Editor-in-chief, Integrative Physiological and Behavioral Science, 1990-; member of editorial board of a dozen journals. Address: 1430 Totts Gap Rd., Bangor, PA 18013, U.S.A.