Wish You Were Here

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Wish You Were Here ★★★ Too Much 1987

Poignant yet funny slice of British postwar life roughly based on the childhood memoirs of famous madame, Cynthia Payne. A troubled and freedom-loving teenager expresses her rebellion in sexual experimentation. Mum is dead and Dad just doesn't understand, so what's a girl to do, but get the boys excited? Lloyd, in her first film, plays the main character with exceptional strength and feistiness. Payne's later life was dramatized in the Leland-scripted “Personal Services.” 92m/ C VHS, DVD . GB Emily Lloyd, Tom Bell, Clare Clifford, Barbara Durkin, Geoffrey Hutchings, Charlotte Barker, Chloe Leland, Trudy Cavanagh, Jesse Birdsall, Geoffrey Durham, Pat Heywood; D: David Leland; W: David Leland; C: Ian Wilson; M: Stanley Myers. British Acad. ‘87: Orig. Screenplay; Natl. Soc. Film Critics ‘87: Actress (Lloyd).