Wish You Were Dead

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Wish You Were Dead ★★½ 1989 2000 (R)

Schnook insurance adjuster MacBeth (Elwes) naively signs over his million dollar life insurance policy to slutty “girlfriend” Sally (Steenburgen), who promptly hires hit woman Jupiter (Hendrix) to get rid of the excess baggage. Only Jupiter can't get over what a nice guy MacBeth is and falls in love with him instead—which doesn't mean Sally is giving up. 89m/C VHS, DVD . Cary Elwes, Mary Steenburgen, Elaine Hendrix, Christopher Lloyd, Billy Ray Cyrus, Robert Englund, Sally Kirkland, Gene Simmons, Shannon Tweed; D: Valerie McCaffrey; W: Scott Firestone; C: David Klein. VIDEO