Whiting, Charles (Henry)

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WHITING, Charles (Henry)

WHITING, Charles (Henry). Also writes as Richard Douglas, Duncan Harding, Ian Harding, John Kerrigan, Leo Kessler, Klaus Konrad, K. N. Kostov. British, b. 1926. Genres: Novels. Career: Teacher at University of Maryland, University of Bradford, England, University of Trier, Germany, 1958-73, University of Saarbrucken, Germany, 1968-71, and University of Bielfeld, Germany; writer. Publications: WORLD WAR II NONFICTION: Decision at St. Vith, 1969; Forty Eight Hours to Hammelburg, 1970; Patton, 1970; Battle of the Ruhr Pocket, 1971; Massacre at Malmedy: The Story of Jochen Peiper's Battle Group, Ardennes, December 1944, 1971; Bradley, 1971; Gehlen: Germany's Master Spy, 1972; Skorzeny, 1972; Hitler's Werewolves: The Story of the Nazi Resistance Movement, 1944-1945, 1972, in UK as Werewolf: The Story of the Nazi Resistance Movement, 1944-1945; Canaris, 1973; Finale at Flensburg: The story of Field Marshall Montgomery's Battle for the Baltic, 1973; The War in the Shadows, 1973; The Hunt for Martin Bormann, 1973; The End of the War: Europe, April 15-May 23, 1945, 1973; A Bridge at Arnhem, 1974; Hunters from the Sky: The History of the German Parachute Corps, 1940-1945, 1974; The Battle for Twelveland: An Account of Anglo-American Intelligence Operations within Nazi Germany, 1939-1945, 1975, in US as The Spymasters: The True Story of Anglo- American Intelligence Operations within Nazi Germany, 1939-1945, 1976; Bloody Aachen, 1976; Germany, Spy Capital of the World, 1976; Death of a Division, 1979; The Home Front: Germany, 1982; Siegfried: The Nazi's Last Stand, 1982; '44: In Combat on the Western Front from Normandy to the Ardennes, 1984; First Blood: The Battle of the Kasserine Pass, 1943, 1984; Ardennes: The Secret War, 1984; '45, The Final Drive from the Rhine to the Baltic, 1985; Bounce the Rhine, 1985; Britain under Fire: The Bombing of Britain's Cities, 1940-1945, 1986; Operation Northwind, 1986, reprint The Other Battle of the Bulge: Operation Northwind, 1990; The Battle of Hurt- gen Forest: The Untold Story of a Disastrous Campaign, 1989; Hero: The Life and Death of Audie Murphy, 1990; The March on London: Covert Operations in the Battle of the Bulge, 1992; Slaughter over Sicily, 1992; The Last Assault, 1994; Death on a Distant Frontier, 1995; Bloody Bremen, 1998; America's Forgotten Army, 1999; Heydrich, Henchman of Death, 1999; The Great Wall of Germany, 1999; The Battle of the Bulge: Britain's Untold Story, 1999; The Korea War: The British in the Battle of the Korean 50-51, 1999; Hemingway Goes to War, 1999; The Battle for the German Frontier, 1999. NOVELS: The Frat Wagon, 1954; Lest I Fall, 1956; Journey to No End, 1957; The Mighty Fallen, 1958; Orders to Kill, 1974; Wolf Hunt, 1976; Doublecross, 1978. THE DESTROYERS WAR NOVELS: Operation Stalag, 1974; Operation Afrika, 1974; Operation Caucasian Fox, 1974; Operation Il Duce, 1974; Operation Kill Ike, 1975; Operation Werewolf, 1975. T FORCE WAR NOVELS: Highway through Hell, 1976; The Last Mission, 1976; Massacre at Metz, 1976; The Big Breakout, 1979. NOVELS AS IAN HARDING: Blood Beach, 1983; Death in the Forest, 1983; Clash on the Rhine, 1984; End Run, 1984. NOVELS AS JOHN KERRIGAN: The Phoenix Assault, 1980; Fireball, 1983; Bluebeard, 1983; Vermin, 1984; Watchdog, 1984. NONFICTION AS LEO KESSLER: (with E. Taylor) The Great York Air Raid: The Baedeker Bombing Attack on York, April 29, 1942, 1979; (with Taylor) Yorkshire at War: The Story of Fighting Yorkshire at Home and Abroad, 1939-1945, 1980; The Battle of the Ruhr Pocket: April 1945, 1989; Betrayal at Venlo: The Secret Story of Appeasement and Treachery, 1939- 1945, 1991. WAR NOVELS AS LEO KESSLER: Death's Head, 1974; Claws of Steel, 1974; SS Panzer Battalion, 1975; The Devil's Shield, 1975; Hammer of the Gods, 1975; The Black Cossacks, 1975; Forced March, 1976; Sabres of the Reich, 1976; Blood and Ice, 1977; Sand Panthers, 1977; Iron Fist, 1977; The Traitors, 1977; Wolf, 1978; Mountain of Skulls, 1978; Blood Mountain, 1978; Counter-Attack, 1978; Hellfire, 1978; Ghost Division, 1978; Valley of the Assassins, 1979; Storm Troop, 1979; Panzer Hunt, 1979; Red Assault, 1979; Breakthrough, 1979; Massacre, 1979; Guns at Cassino, 1980; Slaughter Ground, 1980; Himmler's Gold, 1980; Flashpoint, 1980; Cauldron of Blood, 1981; Otto's Phoney War, 1981; Sink the Scharnhorst, 1981; Schirmer's Headhunters, 1981; Otto's Blitzkrieg, 1982; Otto and the Reds, 1982; Death to the Deutschland, 1982; Fire over Kabul, 1982; Blood Mission, 1982; Whores of War, 1982; Eagles in the Snow, 1983; Wave of Terror, 1983; Black Knights, 1983; Hawks of Death, 1983; Otto and the Yanks, 1983; Otto and the SS, 1983; Otto and the Himmler Love Letters, 1984; Death Ride, 1985; The Wolf Pack, 1985; Slaughter at Salerno, 1985; Patton's Wall, 1999; Death's Eagles, 1999. NOVELS AS KLAUS KONRAD: First Blood, 1980; March on Moscow, 1981; Front Swine, 1982. Address: 11 St. Olave's Rd, York Y03 6QH, England.