What Happened Was…

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What Happened Was… ★★ 1994 (R)

Two-character study about a weirdly nightmarish first date. Law secretary Jackie (Sillas) has been eyeing bookish paralegal Michael (Noonan) and finally invites him for dinner at her loft. The two struggle to relax and make small talk that turns into some unexpected soul baring. Emotionally distant Michael is unexpectedly hostile about his job and claims to be writing an expose of their law firm while overly friendly Jackie is writing a children's book, which turns out to be jarringly violent and apparently autobiographical. Provides an idiosyncratic, if limited, appeal thanks to a compelling performance by Sillas. 92m/C VHS . Tom Noonan, Karen Sillas; D: Tom Noonan; W: Tom Noonan; C: Joe DeSalvo; M: Tom Noonan. Sundance ‘94: Screenplay, Grand Jury Prize.

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What Happened Was…

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