Wham-Bam, Thank You Spaceman

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Wham-Bam, Thank You Spaceman ★½ 1975 (R)

Very silly stuff about aliens with fiberglass heads and balloon ears that inflate when they become excited. They transport themselves to Earth in a tiny set decorated with tinfoil where most of the action takes place. Their mission: to impregnate Earth women to save their race. Though the female nudity is abundant, the sexual action is pretty tame by today's standards. 79m/C DVD . Jay Rasumny, Samuel Mann, Dyanne Thorne, Maria Arnold, Valda Hansen, Sandy Carey, John Ireland Jr.; D: William A. Levey; W: Shlomo D. Weinstein; C: David Platnik; M: Miles Goodman, David White.

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Wham-Bam, Thank You Spaceman

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