Whalin, W. Terry

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WHALIN, W. Terry

WHALIN, W. Terry. American, b. 1953. Genres: Business/Trade/Industry, Children's non-fiction, Inspirational/Motivational Literature, Medicine/ Health, Self help, Theology/Religion, Self help. Career: Wycliffe Bible Translators, Huntington Beach, CA, manager of editorial department, managing editor of In Other Words, linguist, and Bible translator, 1975-93; Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Minneapolis, MN, associate editor, 1993- 94; Whalin and Associates, Colorado Springs, CO, president and chief executive officer, 1994-. Publications: CHILDREN'S BOOKS: When I Grow Up, I Can Go Anywhere for Jesus, 1992; Never Too Busy: Mark 10:13-16, 1993; Chuck Colson, 1994; A Strange Place to Sing, 1994; The Brave But Gentle Shepherd: I Samuel 17:34-37, 1996; John Perkins, 1996; Luis Palau, 1996; Billy Sunday, 1996; Sojourner Truth, 1997; Samuel Morris, 1997; Billy Graham, 2000. FOR YOUNG READERS: Moses and the Great Escape; Joshua and the Jericho Project; Daniel and the Babylon Adventure; Jesus and His Miracles. STORYBOARD BOOKS BIBLE FRIENDS BOOKSTORE SERIES: The Lord Is My Shepherd: Psalm 23; Make a Joyful Noise to the Lord: Psalm 100; Don't Worry: The Sermon on the Mount; Ruth Follows God; Queen Esther Rescues Her People; Miriam Saves Moses; When Fire Fell from Heaven: Elijah; Two Special Friends: David and Jonathan; A Promise Kept: Samson; Jesus and the Children; Jesus Calms the Storm; Zaccheus Climbs a Tree to See Jesus; Two Different Sisters: Mary and Martha; A Lame Man Walks: Peter in the Temple; The Seller of Purple: Lydia. THE PRAYER SERIES (1999): Prayers for My Son; Prayers for My Daughter; Prayers for My Wife, 1999; Prayers for My Husband, 1999. OTHER: (with C. Woehr) One Bright Shining Path, 1993; (with L. Kreider) Bottom-Line Faith, 1995; (with P.H. Porter Jr.) Let the Walls Fall Down, 1996; (with T. Phillips and B. Norsworthy) The World at Your Door, 1996; (with Porter) Better Men, 1998; (with C. Lewis) First Place, 1998; (with S. Shaiklin) The Book of Prayers, 1998; (with B.J. Leninger) Lessons from the Pit, 1999; (with S. Bolt) Money for Life, 1999; Lighouse Psalms, 1999; Love Psalms, 1999; The Halftime Discussion Guide. Contributor of articles and reviews to national magazines. Address: c/o Scott Waxman Agency Inc., 80 5th Ave Rm 1101, New York, NY 10011-8002, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]