The Wendell Baker Story

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The Wendell Baker Story ★½ 2005 (PG-13)

Con man Wendell (Luke Wilson) bumbles from a fake-ID con to prison to working at a seedy retirement hotel where the nurses (Griffin and Owen Wilson) are scamming Medicare, stealing medicine, and forcing the residents to work for food. Wendell takes the side of the residents (Cassel, Stanton, and Kristofferson) and lazy hijinks ensue. Or something. All three Wilsons (including director Andrew) try hard to make a lazy 70s stoner comedy but mostly coast on their proven talent while rehashing themes done better elsewhere. 95m/C DVD . US Luke Wilson, Owen Wilson, Seymour Cassel, Eddie Griffin, Kris Kristofferson, Eva Mendes, Harry Dean Stanton, Jacob Vargas, Spencer Scott, Buck Taylor, Jo Harvey Allen, Azura Skye, Paul M. Wright, Mathew Greer, Will Ferrell; D: Luke Wilson, Andrew Wilson; W: Luke Wilson; C: Steve Mason; M: Aaron Zigman.

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The Wendell Baker Story

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