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Weirdsville ★½ 2007 (R)

Heroin addict pals Dexter (Speedman) and Royce (Bentley) live in tiny Weedsville in Northern Ontario. They owe their dealer Omar (Bhaneja) and agree to deal drugs for him to settle their account. Royce's girlfriend and sometimes-hooker Matilda (Manning) seemingly overdoses on Omar's goods, and the brilliant pair decide to get rid of her by burying her in the boiler room of a drive-in theatre where Dexter briefly worked. But they run into complications. 1) She's still alive, and 2) they figure this out only after they've accidentally stumbled upon some Satanists in the middle of a human sacrifice. Pursued by the Satanists, they've still got to figure out how to pay Omar. Some would doubt the humor in heroin addiction, and this pic will definitely reinforce that doubt. 90m/C DVD . CA Scott Speedman, Wes Bentley, Taryn Manning, Matt Frewer, Greg Bryk, Maggie Castle, Raoul Bhaneja, Joe Dinicol, Jordan Prentice, Dax Ravina; D: Allan Moyle; W: Willem Wennekers; C: Adam Swica; M: Michael Doherty, John Rowley.