Watt, W(illiam) Montgomery

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WATT, W(illiam) Montgomery

WATT, W(illiam) Montgomery. Scottish, b. 1909. Genres: History, Sociology, Theology/Religion. Career: Assistant Lecturer in Moral Philosophy, 1934-38, Lecturer in Ancient Philosophy, 1946-47, Lecturer in Arabic, 1947- 64, and Professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies, 1964-79, University of Edinburgh. Islamic Specialist, Anglican Bishopric, Jerusalem, 1943-46. Publications: Free Will and Predestination in Early Islam, 1949; The Faith and Practice of Al-Ghazali, 1953; Muhammad at Mecca, 1953; Muhammad at Medina, 1956; The Reality of God, 1958; The Cure for Human Troubles, 1959; Islam and the Integration of Society, 1961; Muhammad, Prophet and Statesman, 1961; Islamic Philosophy and Theology, 1962, 1986; Muslim Intellectual, 1963; Truth in the Religions, 1963; (with P.J.E. Cachia) Islamic Spain, 1965; A Companion to the Qur'an, 1967; What Is Islam?, 1968; Islamic Political Thought, 1968; Islamic Revelation and the Modern World, 1970; Bell's Introduction to the Qur'an, 1970; The Influence of Islam on Medieval Europe, 1972; The Formative Period of Islamic Thought, 1973; The Majesty That Was Islam, 1974; (co-author) Der Islam, 2 vols., 1980-85; Islam and Christianity Today, 1984; Muhammad's Mecca: History from the Qur'an, 1988; Islamic Fundamentalism and Modernity, 1988; Muslim- Christian Encounters: Perceptions and Misperceptions, 1991; Early Islam: Collected Articles, 1991; Islamic Creeds: A Selection, 1994; Religious Truth for Our Time, 1995; A Short History of Islam, 1995; A Christian Faith for Today, 2002. Address: The Neuk, 2 Bridgend, Dalkeith, Midlothian EH22 1JT, Scotland.