Warlock 1959

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Warlock ★★★ 1959

Claustrophic, resonant town-bound tale of a marshal (Fonda) and his adoring sidekick (Quinn) who clean up a town which then turns against him. Unusual story, fine performances carry this well beyond the run-of-the-mill cow flick. Fonda re-established himself at the box office as a western star, after “Stage Struck” and “Twelve Angry Men.” From the novel by Oakley Hall. Look for “Bones” McCoy from “Star Trek” in a bit part. 122m/C VHS, DVD . Henry Fonda, Anthony Quinn, Richard Widmark, Dorothy Malone, Wallace Ford, Richard Arlen, Regis Toomey, DeForest Kelley; D: Edward Dmytryk; W: Robert Alan Aurthur.