Waddell, Martin

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WADDELL, Martin. Also writes as Catherine Sefton. Irish, b. 1941. Genres: Novels, Children's fiction, Young adult fiction. Publications: NOVELS: Otley, 1966; Otley Pursued, 1967; Otley Forever, 1968; Otley Victorious, 1969; Come Back When I'm Sober, 1969; A Little Bit British, Being the Diary of an Ulsterman, 1979. CHILDREN'S FICTION: Ernie's Chemistry Set, 1978; Ernie's Flying Trousers, 1978; Napper Goes for Goal (Strikes Again, Golden Goals), 3 vols., 1981-84; The Great Green Mouse Disaster, 1981; Harriet and the Crocodiles (Haunted School, Robot, Flying Teachers), 4 vols., 1982-87; The House under the Stairs, 1983; Solve-It-Yourself Mysteries: The Mystery Squad and the Dead Man's Message (the Artful Dodger, the Whistling Thief, Mr. Midnight, the Creeping Castle, the Camera, the Robot's Revenge, the Cannonball Kid), 8 vols., 1983-86; Going West, 1983; Big Bad Bertie, 1984; The Budgie Said GRR, 1985; The School Reporter's Notebook, 1985; Owl and Billy, 1986; The Day It Rained Elephants, 1986; Our Wild Weekend, 1986; Little Dracula's First Bite (Christmas, at the Seaside, Goes to School), 4 vols., 1986-87; The Tough Princess, 1986; Owl and Billy and the Space Days, 1987; The Tall Story of Wilbur Small, 1987; Can't You Sleep, Little Bear?, 1988; Great Gran Gorilla to the Rescue, 1988; Great Gran Gorilla and the Robbers, 1988; Alice the Artist, 1988; Class Three and the Beanstalk, 1988; Our Sleepysaurus, 1988; Tales from the Shop That Never Shuts, 1988; Fred the Angel, 1989; The Hidden House, 1989; Judy the Bad Fairy, 1989; Once There Were Giants, 1989; The Park in the Dark, 1989; We Love Them, 1989; Amy Said, 1990; Grandma's Bill, 1990; Little Obie and the Flood, 1990; My Great Grandpa, 1990; Rosie's Babies, 1990; Farmer Duck, 1991; Happy Hedgehog Band, 1991; Let's Go Home, Little Bear, 1991; Squeakalot, 1991; The Toymaker, 1991; Sailor Bear, 1992; The Pig in the Pond, 1992; Ghost Family Robinson at the Seaside, 1992; Sam Vole and his Brothers, 1992; Owl Babies, 1992; Napper's Big Match, 1993; The School That Went to Sea, 1993; The Fishface Feud, 1993; Rubberneck's Revenge, 1993; Old Testament Stories, 1993; Little Mo, 1993; Baby's Hammer, 1993; Big Bad Mole, 1993; Napper's Luck, 1993; Napper Super Sub, 1993; Lucky Duck Song, 1993; The Big Big Sea, 1994; Mimi and the Dream House, 1994; When the Teddy Bears Came, 1994; Tango's Baby, 1995; The Getaway Hen, 1995; Mimi and the Picnic, 1995; John Joe and the Big Hen, 1995; My Aunt Sal and the Mega Sized Moose, 1996; The Dump Gang, 1996; Small Bear Lost, 1996; You and Me, Little Bear, 1996; Mimi and the Blackberry Pie, 1996; Bears Everywhere, 1996; What Use Is a Moose?, 1996; Cup Final Kid, 1996; Ben's Bring Your Bear Party, 1997; The Life and Loves of Zoe T Curley, 1997; Mimi's Christmas, 1997; The Perils of Lord Reggie Parrott, 1997; Pete and Mary Kate, 1997; Yum Yum Yummy, 1998; The Hollyhock Wall, 1999; Who Do You Love?, 1999; Well Done Little Bear, 1999. CHILDREN'S FICTION AS CATHERINE SEFTON: In a Blue Velvet Dress, 1972; The Sleepers on the Hill, 1973; The Back House Ghosts, 1974 (in U.S. as The Haunting of Ellen), 1975; The Ghost and Bertie Boggin, 1980; Emer's Ghost, 1981; The Finn Gang, 1981; A Puff of Smoke, 1982; The Emma Dilemma, 1982; Island of the Strangers, 1983; My Gang, 1984; The Blue Misty Monsters, 1985; The Ghost Girl, 1985; The Ghost Ship, 1985; Flying Sam, 1986; Starry Night, 1986; Shadows on the Lake, 1987; Bertie Boggin and Ghost Again, 1988; The Day Smell Went Wrong, 1988; Frankie's Story, 1988; The Haunted Schoolbag, 1989; The Beat of the Drum, 1989; Bertie Boggin and the Ghost Again, 1991; Horace the Ghost, 1991; Along a Lonely Road, 1991; The Cast Off, 1993; The Ghosts of Cobweb, 1992; The Ghosts of Cobweb and the Skully Bones Mystery, 1993; The Cast Off, 1993; The Kidnapping of Susie Q, 1994; The Ghosts of Cobweb and the Circus Star, 1994; The Ghosts of Cobweb and the TV Battle, 1994; The Pocket Elephant, 1995; The Skeleton Club, 1995; Watch Out, Fred's About, 1996. Address: c/o David Higham Associates Ltd, 5-8 Lower John St, Golden Square, London W1R 4HA, England.