Variety Lights

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Variety Lights ★★★½ Luci del Varieta; Lights of Variety 1951

Fellini's first (albeit joint) directorial effort, wherein a young girl runs away with a travelling vaudeville troupe and soon becomes its main attraction as a dancer. Filled with Fellini's now-familiar delight in the bizarre and sawdust/tinsel entertainment. In Italian with English subtitles. 93m/B VHS, DVD . IT Giulietta Masina, Peppino de Filippo, Carla Del Poggio, Folco Lulli; D: Federico Fellini, Alberto Lattuada; W: Federico Fellini, Alberto Lattuada, Tullio Pinelli, Ennio Flaiano; C: Otello Martelli; M: Felice Lattuada.