Uncle Tom's Cabin 1927

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Uncle Tom's Cabin ★★½ 1927

Universal Studios' $2 million production was one of the costliest of the silent era, with more than 2400 actors, and a shoot ing schedule of 19 months. It follows Harriet Beecher Stowe's abolitionist novel about a black family torn apart by slavery. This version contains heroine Eliza's (Fischer) flight across the ice floes, which was borrowed by D.W. Griffith for his film “Way Down East.” 112m/B VHS, DVD . James B. Lowe, Margarita Fischer, George Siegmann, Virginia Grey; D: Harry A. Pollard; W: Harry A. Pollard, Harvey Thew; C: Charles Stumar, Jacob Kull; M: Erno Rapee.