Tirion, Wil

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TIRION, Wil. Dutch, b. 1943. Genres: Astronomy. Career: Worked as a clerk in the publicity department of a large firm in Rotterdam, Netherlands, 1959-66; graphic artist and designer for a printer in Rotterdam, 1966-68, and a lithographer in Rotterdam, 1968-83; free-lance sky cartographer, 1983-. Publications: Sky Atlas 2000.0, Desk, Field, and Deluxe Editions, 1981, 2nd ed. (with R.W. Sinnott), 1998; (with I. Ridpath) The Collins Guide to Stars and Planets, 1984, 3rd ed., 2001; B.A.A. Chart of the Heavens, 1985; (with I. Ridpath) Gem Guide: The Night Sky, 1985; (with B. Rappaport and G. Lovi) Uranometria 2000.0, Vol. I: The Northern Hemisphere to Minus Six Degrees, 1987, Vol. II: The Southern Hemisphere to Plus Six Degrees, 1988; (with I. Ridpath) The Monthly Sky Guide, 1987, 3rd ed., 1993; Bright Star Atlas 2000.0, 1989; (with G. Lovi) Men, Monsters, and the Modern Universe, 1989; Cambridge Star Atlas, 1991, 3rd ed., 2001; (with C. Crossen) Binocular Astronomy, 1992; (with D. Ellyard) The Southern Sky Guide, 1993; (with M.D. Heifetz) A Walk through the Heavens, 1996; Gem Guide: Stars, 1999; A Walk through the Southern Sky, 1999; (with S. Dunlop) Collins Wild Guide: Night Sky, 1999; Wild Guide Night Sky: Star Finder, 2000. Contributor of star maps to astronomy books and journals. Address: Wisselspoor 221, 2908 AD Capelle aan de IJssel, Netherlands. Online address: [email protected]