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Time Code ★★ Timecode 2000 (R)

Figgis shot his film in one day, using four digital video cameras and 28 actors to tell four separate (though interconnected) stories that were shown simultaneously onscreen in four rectangular quadrants. The stories center around a film production company headed by producer Alex Green (Skarsgard), whose wife Emma (Burrows) plans to leave him because he is having an affair with actress Rose (Hayek), whose own relationship with Lauren (Tripplehorn) is falling apart. Then there's various producers, directors, and actors pitching ideas or auditioning for parts. It's not as confusing as might be imagined although how it will play on video is a challenge. 97m/C VHS, DVD . Stellan Skarsgard, Saffron Burrows, Salma Hayek, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Richard Edson, Julian Sands, Xander Berkeley, Glenne Headly, Holly Hunter, Danny Huston, Kyle MacLachlan, Alessandro Nivola, Steven Weber, Viveka Davis, Aimee Graham, Andrew Heckler, Daphna Kastner, Leslie Mann, Mia Maestro; D: Mike Figgis; W: Mike Figgis; C: Patrick Alexander Stewart; M: Mike Figgis, Anthony Marinelli.