Time and Tide

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Time and Tide ★★ Seunlau Ngaklau 2000 (R)

Non-stop action from Hark with the usual convoluted plot. Tyler (Tse) is working as a bodyguard for a client who turns out to be a Triad boss. Tyler's friend Jack (Bai) is an ex-mercenary whose pregnant wife, Hui (Lo), is the criminal's estranged daughter. And then Jack's former South American colleagues show up in Hong Kong with a plan to assassinate the Triad boss, among other gun battles. Oh, and Tyler is also about to become a father, courtesy of a onenight stand who doesn't want anything to do with him. Chinese with subtitles. 113m/C VHS, DVD . HK Nicholas Tse, Wu Bai, Anthony Wong, Candy Lo, Cathy Chui, Joventino Couto Remotigue; D: Tsui Hark; W: Tsui Hark, Koan Hui; C: Herman Yau, Ko Chiulam; M: Tommy Wai.