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Tierra ★★ Earth 1995

Metaphysical messiness. Mystery exterminator Angel (Gomez) comes to Aragon, a land of red soil and lightning strikes, to fumigate the woodlice infesting the vineyards. He recruits some locals and gypsies to help him out while becoming involved with a couple of women—shy Angela (Suarez) and hot Mari (Klein). But Angel is also literally haunted by an alter ego—a situation that no doubt has some deep meaning that is never very clear. But neither is the rest of the movie. Spanish with subtitles. 122m/C VHS, DVD . SP Carmelo Gomez, Emma Suarez, Silke Klein, Karra Elejalde, Nancho Novo, Txema Blasco; D: Julio Medem; W: Julio Medem; C: Javier Aguirresarobe; M: Alberto Iglesias.