Thurlo, Aimee

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THURLO, Aimee. Also writes as Aimee Duval, Aimee Martel. American (born Cuba). Genres: Romance/Historical. Career: Full-time writer, with husband David Thurlo, of romance and mystery novels. Publications: ROMANCE NOVELS (WITH D. THURLO). Ariel's Desire, 1987; The Right Combination, 1988; Expiration Date, 1989; Black Mesa, 1990; Suitable For Framing, 1990; Strangers Who Linger, 1991; Night Wind, 1991; Breach Of Faith, 1992; Shadow Of the Wolf, 1993; Spirit Warrior, 1993; Timewalker, 1994; Bearing Gifts, 1994; Fatal Charm, 1995; Cisco's Woman, 1996. FOUR WINDS TRILOGY: Her Destiny, 1997; Her Hope, 1997; Her Shadow, 1997. AS AIMEE MARTEL: Secrets Not Shared, 1981; The Fires Within, 1984; Hero At Large, 1984. AS AIMEE DUVALL: Too Near the Sun, 1982; Halfway There, 1982; Lover in Blue, 1982; The Loving Touch, 1983; After the Rain, 1984; One More Tomorrow, 1984; Brief Encounters, 1985; Spring Madness, 1985; Kid at Heart, 1986; Made for Each Other, 1987; To Tame a Heart, 1988; Wings Of Angels, 1989. MYSTERY NOVELS (WITH DAVID THURLO): Second Shadow, 1993; Blackening Song, 1995; Death Walker, 1996; Bad Medicine, 1997; Enemy Way, 1998. Contributor to periodicals. Address: PO Box 2747, Corrales, NM 87048, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]