Thomson, D(aisy) H(icks)

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THOMSON, D(aisy) H(icks)

THOMSON, D(aisy) H(icks). British, b. 1918. Genres: Novels. Career: Asst Welfare Officer, Bute County Council, and Asst Registrar of Births, Rothesay, 1939-45. Publications: Prelude to Love, 1963; To Love and Honour, 1964; Jealous Love, 1964; Portrait of My Love, 196; Love for a Stranger, 1966; A Truce for Love, 1967; Be Love Betrayed, 1967; Journey to Love, 1967; Be My Love, 1968; My Only Love, 1969; The Italian for Love, 1970; Summons to Love, 1971; Woman in Love, 1973; Hello My Love, 1974; The Beginning of Love, 1975; The Summer of Love, 1976; My One and Only Love, 1976; From Solitude with Love, 1976; The Voice of Love, 1977; Myrtle for My Love, 1977; A Time for Love, 1977; In Love, in Vienna, 1978; Suddenly It Was Love, 1978; A Nightingale for Love, 1978; Love at Leisure, 1979; The Face of Love, 1979; The Web of Love, 1979; The Island of Love, 1980; I Love Your Julie, 1980; To Love and Be Wise, 1980; The Eve of Love, 1981; The Talisman of Love, 1982; Kiss Your Love Again, 1983; Inheritance of Love, 1983; The Colour of Love, 1983; Champagne for My Love, 1984; Quicksands of Love, 1984; Never Doubt My Love, 1985. Address: 28 Clover Ct, Church Rd, Haywards Health RH16 3UP, England.

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Thomson, D(aisy) H(icks)

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