The Thief Lord

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The Thief Lord ★★ 2006 (PG)

Fantasy is based on a popular children's book by Cornelia Fulke, and the Venice setting is gorgeous, but it's best seen by undemanding kiddies who won't mind its contrivances. Orphaned brothers Prosper and Bo are befriended by teenaged Sci-pio, the self-proclaimed Thief Lord, who cares for a group of child thieves living in an abandoned cinema. Scipio is hired by a greedy dealer to find a mysterious antique that can allegedly reverse time and the brothers get caught up in the adventure. 98m/C DVD . GB GE LU Aaron Johnson, Rollo Weeks, Jim Carter, Caroline Goodall, Jasper Harris, Alexei Sayle, Richard Bathurst; D: Richard Claus; W: Richard Claus, Daniel Musgrave; C: David Slama; M: Nigel Clarke, Michael Csanyi-Wills.

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The Thief Lord

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