Terris, Susan

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TERRIS, Susan. American, b. 1937. Genres: Children's fiction, Poetry. Career: Teacher; tutor; book reviewer; guest speaker, conferences, libraries, schools. Publications: Children's NS Books: The Upstairs Witch and the Downstairs Witch, 1970; The Backwards Boots, 1971; On Fire, 1972; The Drowning Boy, 1972; Plague of Frogs, 1973; Pickle, 1973; Whirling Rainbows, 1974; Amanda, the Panda, and the Redhead, 1975; The Pencil Families, 1975; No Boys Allowed, 1976; The Chicken Pox Papers, 1976; Two P's in a Pod, 1977; Tucker and the Horse Thief, 1979; Stage Brat, 1980; No Scarlet Ribbons, 1981; Wings and Roots, 1982; Octopus Pie, 1983; The Latchkey Kids, 1985; Baby-Snatcher, 1985; Nell's Quilt, 1987; Author! Author!, 1990; Poetry: Killing in the Comfort Zone, 1994; Curved Space, 1998; Eye of the Holocaust, 1999; Angels of Bataan, 1999; Fire Is Favorable to the Dreamer, 2003. Address: 11 Jordan Ave, San Francisco, CA 94118, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]