The Tavern

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The Tavern ★★ 2000

Ronnie (Dye) is a bartender who wants to buy a Manhattan watering hole from its alleged Florida-bound owner, Kevin (Zittel). He borrows the money from a number of people, including his best friend Dave (Geer), who becomes his partner. But they're underfinanced and beset by competition and numerous other problems soon surface threatening their business survival. Unsentimental and downbeat. 88m/C VHS, DVD . Cameron Dye, Kevin Geer, Margaret Cho, Greg Zittel, Nancy Ticotin, Steven Marcus, Carlo Alban, Kym Austin, Gary Perez; D: Walter Foote; W: Walter Foote; C: Kurt Lennig; M: Bill Lacey, Loren Toolajian.