The Tao of Steve

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The Tao of Steve ★★★ 2000 (R)

Overweight, intelligent kindergarten teacher Dex (Logue) is a hit with the ladies, butfeels a vague sense of wanting something more. The title of the film comes from Dex's personal philosophy of cool, whichhe takes from the images of such icons as Steve McQueen, Steve McGarrett, and Steve Austin—but is also tossed withequal parts Kierkegaard and Aquinas.He's ripe for some growing up, and onlyneeds to find the perfect mate, who comesalong in the form of Syd (played by Greer-Goodman, sister of the director and one ofthe film's three screenwriters), one ofDex's one-night stands. A sweet romanticcomedy that can thank Logue for much ofits charm. 87m/C VHS, DVD . Donal Logue,Greer Goodman, Kimo Wills, Ayelet Kaznelson,David Aaron Baker, Nina Jaroslaw; D: JenniphrGoodman; W: Greer Goodman, Jenniphr Goodman, Duncan North; C: Teodoro Maniaci; M: JoeDelia.