Szekeres, Cyndy

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SZEKERES, Cyndy. American, b. 1933. Genres: Illustrations, Children's fiction. Career: Illustrator and writer. Publications: FOR CHILDREN; SELF-ILLUSTRATED: Long Ago, 1977; A Child's First Book of Poems, 1981, as Cyndy Szekeres' ABC, 1983; Puppy Too Small, 1984; Scaredy Cat!, 1984; Thumpity Thump Gets Dressed, 1984; Baby Bear's Surprise, 1984; Cyndy Szekeres' Counting Book 1 to 10, 1984; Suppertime for Frieda Fuzzypaws, 1985; Hide-and-Seek Duck, 1985; Nothing-to-Do Puppy, 1985; Good Night, Sammy, 1986; Puppy Lost, 1986; Sammy's Special Day, 1986; Little Bear Counts His Favorite Things, 1986; Melanie Mouse's Moving Day, 1986; Good Night, Sweet Mouse, 1988; Cyndy Szekeres' Favorite Two-Minute Stories, 1989; Things Bunny Sees, 1990; What Bunny Loves, 1990; Cyndy Szekeres' Nice Animals, 1990; Cyndy Szekeres' Hugs, 1990; Puppy Learns to Share, 1990; Ladybug, Where Are You?, 1991; Fluffy Duckling, 1992; Teeny Mouse Counts Herself, 1992; Cyndy Szekeres' Colors, 1992; Kisses, 1993; Little Puppy Cleans His Room, 1993; Cyndy Szekeres' Baby Animals, 1994; Cyndy Szekeres' I Am a Puppy, 1994; Cyndy Szejeres' Christmas Mouse, 1995; Cyndy Szekeres' Giggles, 1996; Yes, Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus, 1997; Cyndy Szekeres' I Love My Busy Book, 1997; The Mouse that Jack Built, 1997; The Deep Blue Sky Twinkles with Stars, 1998; I Can Count 100 Bunnies and So Can You!, 1998; Cyndy Szekeres' Learn to Count, Funny Bunnies, 2000; Toby!, 2000; Toby's Alphabet Walk, 2000; Toby's Rainbow Clothes, 2000; Toby Counts His Marbles, 2000; Toby's Flying Lesson, 2000; Toby's Holiday Hugs and Kisses, 2000; Wilbur Bunny's Funny Friends A to Z, 2000. TINY PAW LIBRARY SERIES; SELF-ILLUSTRATED: A Busy Day, 1989; The New Baby, 1989; Moving Day, 1989; A Fine Mouse Band, 1989; A Mouse Mess, 1990. COMPILER AND ILLUSTRATOR: Cyndy Szekeres' Book of Poems, 1987; Cyndy Szekeres' Mother Goose Rhymes, 1987; Cyndy Szekeres' Book of Fairy Tales, 1988; Cyndy Szekeres' Favorite Fairy Tales, 1992; Cyndy Szekeres' Favorite Mother Goose Rhymes, 1992; Small Child's Book of Cozy Poems, 1999; Small Child's Book of Prayers, 1999. Illustrator of books for children by other authors. Address: PO Box 280, RFD 3, Putney, VT 05346, U.S.A.