Sydney White

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Sydney White ★★ 2007 (PG-13)

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to college we go. Shut out of her dead mother's sorority, Sydney (Bynes) ends up living with seven, ahem, dorks and must find a way to defeat “fairest-of-them-all” sorority president Rachel (Paxton), win the heart of dreamy Tyler Prince (Long), and teach the entire campus to appreciate the diverse assortment of nerds she calls sidekicks. Bynes has ample charm and talent, but that can't overcome the failings of this modern-day retelling of the Snow White story, whose message is undercut by the fact that it mocks a lot of the characters as much as it uplifts them. 105m/C DVD . US Amanda Bynes, Matt Long, Sara Paxton, John Schneider, Crystal Hunt, Jack Carpenter, Jeremy Howard; D: Joe Nussbaum; W: Chad Gomez Creasy; C: Mark Irwin; M: Deborah Lurie.