Sweetwater: A True Rock Story

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Sweetwater: A True Rock Story ★★½ 1999 (PG-13)

TV music journalist Cami Carlson (Williams) gets out of drug rehab and learns her new assignment is a “where are they now” story about ‘60s band Sweetwater, the opening act at Woodstock. Teenaged singer Nansi Nevins (Johnson) disappeared after the festival and the band soon broke up. Cami tracks down ex-band members and flashbacks show how the band started and what caused Nansi to take off. 95m/C VHS . Kelli Williams, Amy Jo Johnson, Kurt Max Runte, Robert Moloney, Frederic Forrest, Michelle Phillips, Terry David Mulligan, Nancy Warren; D: Lorraine Senna; W: Victoria Wozniak; C: Bernard Couture. CABLE