Struyk, Raymond J(ay)

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STRUYK, Raymond J(ay)

STRUYK, Raymond J(ay). American, b. 1944. Genres: Demography, Economics. Career: Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, assistant professor, 1968-69; National Bureau of Economic Research, NYC, research associate with Urban Studies Group, 1968-72; Urban Institute, Washington, DC, research associate with Housing Studies Group, 1972-74, manager of Housing Market Behavior Project, 1974-77, senior research associate, 1979-, director of International Activities Center, 1980-; U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Office of Policy Development and Research, Washington, DC, deputy assistant secretary for research, 1977-79. Rice University, visiting assistant professor of economics, 1971-72. Consultant. Publications: (with F.J. James Jr.) A Comparative Study of Manufacturing Employment Location in the Boston and Phoenix Metropolitan Areas, 1974; (with James) Intrametropolitan Industrial Location, 1975; (with F. de Leeuw) The Web of Urban Housing, 1975; A Simulation Model of Urban Housing Markets in Developing Countries, 1976; (with L. Ozanne) Housing from the Existing Stock, 1976; (with S.A. Marshall) Urban Home Ownership, 1976; Should Government Encourage Home Ownership?, 1977; (with J. Follain) Home Ownership Effects of Alternate Mortgage Instruments, 1977; (with Marshall and L.J. Ortiz) Housing Policies for the Urban Poor, 1978; A New System for Public Housing, 1980; (with B.J. Soldo) Improving the Elderly's Housing, 1980; (with D.W. Rasmussen) A Housing Strategy for the City of Detroit, 1981; (with J.P. Zais and T. Thibodeau) Housing Assistance for Older Americans, 1982; (with R. Kolodny and R.D. Baron) The Insider's Guide to Managing Public Housing, Vol. I: Diagnosing Management Problems, Vol. II: Analysis Guides, 1983; (with N. Mayer and J.A. Tuccillo) Federal Housing Policy at President Reagan's Midterm, 1983; (with M.A. Turner) Urban Housing in the 1980s, 1984; (with Turner) Finance and Housing Quality in Two Developing Countries: Korea and the Philippines, 1986; Aging at Home, 1987; Future U.S. Housing Policy, 1988; (with M. Hoffman and H. Katsura) The Market for Shelter in Indonesian Cities, 1990 (with J. Telgarsky) Toward a Market-Oriented Housing Sector in Eastern Europe Developments in Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, and Yugoslavia, 1990; (with J. Hegedus and I. Toscis) Integrating State Rental Housing with the Private Market, 1991; Making Aid Work, 1997; Reconstructive Critics, 1999. EDITOR: (with M. Bendick Jr.) Housing Vouchers for the Poor, 1981; (with K. Stahl) The U.S. and West German Housing Markets, 1985; Homeownership and Housing Financial Policy in the Former Soviet Bloc, 2000. Address: Urban Institute, 2100 M St. N.W, Washington, DC 20037, U.S.A.