Storm Warning

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Storm Warning ★★ 1951

New York model Martha (Rogers) visits her sister Lucy (Day, in a non-singing role), who's living in a small southern town. She's barely off the bus before Martha witnesses a murder committed by the KKK. She's hiding and sees two men's faces and when she does get to Lucy's, Martha sees that her brutish brother-in-law Hank (Cochran) was one of the killers and the other is his boss, Charlie (Sanders). When prosecutor Burt Rainey (Reagan) learns that Martha was a witness, he tries to get her to testify but she clams up. But her silence doesn't do her any good. Hard-hitting for its time although there are no black characters in the story; the dead man is a white reporter writing an expose. Film was shot in Corona, California and an occasional palm tree incongruously appears. 93m/B DVD . Ronald Reagan, Ginger Rogers, Doris Day, Steve Cochran, Hugh Sanders, Raymond Greenleaf, Lloyd Gough; D: Stuart Heisler; W: Richard Brooks, Daniel Fuchs; C: Carl Guthrie; M: Daniele Amfitheatrof.