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Stoned ★★ 2005

A muddled and unenlightening account of the final months of drug addicted Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones (Gregory), who was found dead in his swimming pool in 1969. Although “death by misadventure” is the official cause, a 1994 deathbed confession by Jones' contractor/whipping boy Frank Thorogood (Considine) allegedly reveals that Frank admitted drowning Jones. Flashbacks linger on the guitarist's hedonistic lifestyle while, before his death, Jones lethargically stirs himself to torment those around him. Woolley's directorial debut. 102m/C DVD . GB Leo Gregory, Paddy Considine, David Morrissey, Ben Whishaw, Amelia Warner, Monet Mazur, David Walliams, Tuva Novotny, Luke De Woolfson, Melanie Ramsay, Ruediger Rudolph; D: Stephen Woolley; W: Robert Wade, Neal Purvis; C: John Mathieson; M: David Arnold.