The Stolen Children

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The Stolen Children ★★★ ½ Il Ladro di Bambini 1992

Highly acclaimed Italian neo-realist film that tells the story of a shy carabiniere and two children who have been placed in his care. They are an emotionally battered 11-year-old girl who was forced into prostitution by her mother and her sullen 9-year-old brother. As they journey from Milan to Sicily and gradually get to know each other, all three of the characters undergo a slight transformation. Gracefully executed, this haunting masterpiece explores the overriding themes of guilt and innocence and keeps you thinking about them long after the movie's over. Italian with subtitles. 108m/C VHS . IT Enrico Lo Verso, Valentina Scalici, Giuseppe Ieracitano, Florence Darel, Marina Golovine, Fabio Alessandrini; D: Gianni Amelio; W: Gianni Amelio, Sandro Petraglia, Stefano Rulli; M: Franco Piersanti. Cannes '92: Grand Jury Prize.